About us

Rodsilver925 has been developing on the Polish silver jewelry market since 2010. We cooperate with Polish manufacturers and importers, we also import jewelry from Italy, Turkey and Asia, which means that we are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and we have a very wide range of products made of 925 silver. The company's headquarters is located in Chorzów at Jana Street Kilińskiego 5. Angelika and Marzena are responsible for the sale. The owner is Andrzej Wieczorek.


The purchasing process in a stationary wholesaler in Chorzów at ul. Jana Kilińskiego 5.

The undoubted advantage of making purchases at the Rodsilver925 Silver Wholesaler is the ease of making them. On 150 m², you can move freely and choose jewelry from the displayed palettes to add to the basket. Each product has an assigned category in our warehouse, is priced and aesthetically displayed, which saves you invaluable time. With us, you don't have to go through many bags and sacks, as is the case with direct delivery to the store, and you can purchase all the necessary products within a few minutes. You don't have to stock up, because we are available 5 days a week (if necessary, also on Saturday) and we will be happy to serve you with coffee or tea, even for small purchases.

The Rodsilver925 e-wholesaler is only a small part of our offer, which we constantly supplement. The full range is available at the stationary wholesaler at 5 Jana Kilińskiego Street in Chorzów.

Both in our e-wholesale store and in stationary sales, we only serve companies from the jewelry industry.


Discount thresholds for cash payments:

5% on purchases over PLN 1,000 net,

10% on purchases over PLN 2,000 net,

12% on purchases over PLN 7,000 net.

* discounts are calculated by us at the time of issuing the invoice and do not apply to products from the chain category

International Shipping: We ship abroad (EU) from €250 and require prepayment to our account. 
The shipping cost within the EU is €25, for purchases over €800 the goods are shipped at our expense.
We price shipments outside the EU individually.


Access to the client

Travel is possible, conditions are agreed individually by calling 691-474-691